Backup Service

ASCG strongly reccommends doing a hard drive back up of all your important and
precious documents (i.e. Business Information, Client Files, Photos, Music. etc.) on a
monthly basis and always before you take your computer in to any shop for repairs.

Angry Squirrel Computers & Graphics recommends using Nordic Backup for all of your
hard drive back up needs. If you have any questions of how it all works please feel free 
to ask.

What is Nordic Backup

Chattanooga Data Recovery and Backup ServiceNordic Backup provides secure online storage over the Internet. This state-of-the-art file backup system spares you the work of changing and storing backup tapes, burning DVDs or copying your files to external hard drives. Nordic Backup is fully automatic, so you no longer need to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements.

Companies of every size and industry, and individuals as well, can benefit from Nordic Backup. We are a market leader, delivering secure online storage to customers around the world, safeguarding data that ranges from a single gigabyte to thousands of gigabytes.

You only have two requirements: an Internet connection and Nordic Backup.

Nordic Backup encrypts your files on your own computer, so they cannot be read by others, either when they’re sent to Nordic Backup or when they’re stored at Nordic Backup.

After each backup you'll receive an e-mail with the status of what the backup has run and what changes were registered.

When you need to restore your files from Nordic Backup, you can restore them all together or individually, either by the Nordic Backup program orthe Nordic Backup website.

Nordic Backup provides the solution to the challenges

Traditional backup - The challenge
Nordic Backup - The solution
Who changes the backup tape in the tape
drive on weekdays, holidays and in 
case of illness?
Nordic Backup is fully automatic and requires 
no tape or other continuous monitoring.
Who verifies the integrity of the backup
files and the content on the backup tape?
Nordic Backup automatically verifies the integrity 
of all files being received and forwards a detailed
backup report to your e-mail after each backup.
Do you have the right software and
hardware for backup? 
Do you save all your files on tape, DVD or external hard drive?
How is the tape drive maintained?
Nordic Backup eliminates the need for expensive 
software and hardware that need to be replaced 
after a few years.
Backup tapes should be replaced after 50 
backups and cannot keep up with the
increasing storage demand.
No backup tapes to be replaced, you can run the
backup with Nordic Backup over and over again
and you can easily increase or decrease your 
storage capacity as needed.
Only a few backup programs can do
backup of the operating system, open files, 
databases and mail servers.
Nordic Backup can do backup of all major
operating systems, open files, large databases
and mail servers.
Many businesses lack routines for doing backup of laptops or rarely available desktops. Nordic Backup supports backup of laptops, desktops and servers over the Internet by schedule, manual start, during shutdown or when Internet connection is detected.
When files needs to be restored, the
backup tapes are not in the office, are not
labeled correctly or can only be restored by 
an IT expert.
With Nordic Backup, the files are securely
located offsite and can easily be restored without
any help from an IT expert.